The 35th annual draw of the Club Lions d’Earlton had a total of $135,325.09 in prizes.


Since 1988, all profits from the annual draw have been reinvested throughout Northern Ontario.

More than $1.6 million has been donated to over 100 organizations, including hospitals, schools, food banks, youth groups and recreation and cultural clubs.

The Club Lions is counting on the solidarity of the people of Northern Ontario to help it give back to its charitable work once again this year.

Draw Dates

  • Ticket Sales Deadline - October 21, 2024 @ 11:59 pm
  • Main Draw - October 27, 2024 @ 1:00 pm

5 easy ways to buy tickets and get a chance to win:

  1. Fill out the online form
  2. Request a ticket by email at
  3. Request a ticket by phone at 705-563-2122
  4. At one of our participating retailers
  5. From a Club Lions d’Earlton member
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Draw Procedure 2024

All draws will be held at 1pm at the Coeur du Village, which is located at 18 — 10th Street, Earlton, ON. Drum will be turned at least 3 times before each draw.

Contact us:


Main Draw - October 27, 2024, @ 1:00 pm

  • 10 tickets will be drawn for the 4th to 13th prizes of $100 each
  • Those 10 tickets will be returned to the drum.
  • 1 ticket will be drawn for the 3rd prize of $3000
  • That ticket will be returned to the drum
  • 1 ticket will be drawn for the 2nd prize worth $5,000
  • That ticket will be returned to the drum
  • 1 ticket will be drawn for the Grand Prize worth $126,325.09 (taxes included)

Must be 18 years old to participate.

Tickets in circulation: 9000

Tickets can only be ordered & sold in Ontario